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The Allnic H-7000 is quite a large and impressive tube phono preamp. Its milled aluminum “open topography chassis” features a cabinet without a top plate, a wonderful array of tubular chimneys, anodized transformer housings and top-mounted voice coil step-up transformers with Permalloy cores.
It uses 600 ohm LCR equalization and constant impedance, which allows for excellent wide-bandwidth frequency range and dynamic operation. These are important performance characteristics over traditional CR or NFB equalization.
Allnic H-7000 is a 100% coupled transformer with no capacitors and no negative feedback and only two simple active gain stages.
NOS vacuum tubes are controlled by automatic voltage regulation circuitry in both channels with a separate external power supply for ultimate signal-to-noise ratio. The rectifier tube has a significant impact on the sound and although this phono is supplied with a high quality tube, the design leaves plenty of options for the user to select new or NOS tubes that best suit their system.
Bandwidth is maximized by Allnic’s ultra-high quality, wide frequency internal MC step-up transformers on the H-7000 MC2 input and further provides pure Class A balanced output operation.
Primary active amplification is achieved using four NOS E810F tubes operating in triode mode (equivalent to = 57, gm = 50,000 micro ohms, resulting in a lowest resistance of approximately 1 K ohm). The E810F is rated for 10,000 tube hours per design and is a perfect choice for this circuit.
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