This website is a gift to European Audiophiles.

I am retired since October 2022. If you look at my HiFi systems , you can easily imagine that I do not need the revenues of a classifieds website. It does not mean that this website is free for me. Professional non free softwares are used and are about 200€/year.

I decided to setup this website, because current HiFi Classifieds Websites, either have very poor ergonomics and functions or require fees upon sells. I do not believe one second in this kind of model.

You have to entirely write your ads in English so that visitors can read your ad in their native language, even if you are using your native language version of the website. It is currently not possible to get automatic translations when a web page contains several languages, and one fixed language is needed for the Website Framework.

If you do not write your ad in English, I will disable automatic translation for your ad, automatic translations do not work in this case.

If you want to modify your ad, you just have to connect to you account, open your ad from the front page. At the bottom, you have a link to modify the ad. After clicking this link, you can:

  • Delete your ad
  • Mark it as sold
  • Modify the ad

Some sellers prefer to mark their ad as sold rather than deleting it.

I may delete Sold ads after some reasonable time, if I estimate that they make the website less readable.

You can receive an email twice a day with the new ads in the categories that you have chosen.

On the front page, you get 2 search engines.

It is strongly recommended to use “landscape” photos, even for standing speakers.

This website is fully compliant with GDPR.

This website use worldwide best technologies (Rocket Cache and CDN among others) to get a very (very) fast website, even you get infinite scroll on front page. This is quite unique to get such speed (less than 0.4 second loading time) and a perfect architecture. The only slowest part of the website is for posting a new ad, because it needs quite a lot of safety checks.