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I am selling my Kii Three + BXT since I have had the opportunity to upgrade to a new system based on Magico S3 speakers.

The Kii3+BXT is a fantastic system which can be installed in any room (my dedicated room is just 20m2 and 50m3) thanks to its cardioid behaviour and the boundary feature which enables to set the SPL level below 50Hz, hence adjusting to the actual room gain of your listening space.

These Kii3+BXT are the latest available version which is based on Bruno Putzeys's Purifi amplifier modules (versions sold before 2022 were using N-Core modules).

I purchased them new in May 2022 (I am the first owner) from the official distributor in France (Musikii – Original invoice and documentation will be provided.

They work flawlessly and were used in a dedicated music room (no pet, no smoke) and I have kept all original packaging and accessories (Kii control and all cables), including the optional Flight-Cases (unit price 1000€) for the BXT. (actual original price in France is 32600€ when including the flight-cases).

For those who can read french, you can follow my system setup and listening feedbacks on my install description on the following thread :
There are also several feedbacks from many visitors at my home on the same thread.

Since, unfortunately, I can't have both the Kii and my new system installed in this room, they can still be listened, for those living nearby the Paris area, at a friend's home, who also has a dedicated room for music.
The first 3 pictures are of the Kii3+BXT in my friend's room, and the 4th picture shows the Kii3+BXT as they were in my own dedicated room.

I can also offer to deliver and install them (including a setup after a full acoustic analysis of your room) for those living at a reasonable distance from Paris (say a distance which makes it possible to make the trip back and forth in the same day).

For those living further away, they can be collected in Paris area (Saint-Maur des Fossés) or shipped with UPS or DHL. Shipping costs to be evaluated (can be part of the final price discussion).

Whatsapp video and/or call can be organized upon request to provide any further information.


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