Audio Technica AT-LP2022 – Limited Edition Anniversary Belt Drive Turntable

Audio Technica

I am selling my Audio Technica Anniversary AT-LP2022 vinyl turntable which is new and has never been used. I only took it out of the box to check the contents and that everything was present and correct. I have the original invoice. This vinyl turntable is out of stock in all stores and on the web.

This is a great opportunity to own a beautiful, modern, limited edition turntable. The limited edition AT-LP2022 turntable celebrates our 60 years of audio excellence, offers an exceptional and unique design.

This fully manual, belt-driven turntable delivers extremely pure analog sound. A sleek, 30mm-thick high-density clear acrylic chassis reduces resonance and reveals the belt-driven motor, showcasing the turntable's pure analog sound.

The stylish AT-LP2022 turntable is equipped with a lightweight AT-HS4SV shell and a 30mm thick high-density transparent acrylic chassis that not only reduces resonance, but reveals the sensor-monitor motor. The motor speed sensor system is specially designed to maintain precise platter rotation speeds of 33 ⅓ and 45 rpm.

Besides the transparent acrylic table top for stable rotation, this turntable is designed with high-insulation and height-adjustable feet to keep the turntable stabilized. The transparent body Shibata stylus can pick up ultra-high frequencies, allowing users to experience sound like never heard before. The Shibata stylus is easily interchangeable with the 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus installed on the included AT-VM95EBK cartridge (black).

The AT-LP2022 is the perfect turntable for everyone, offering an AT-VM95 cartridge compatible with any VM95 series replacement stylus, providing a range of options for every budget and application.

Adjustable vertical tracking angle and dynamic anti-skate control ensure that the turntable can be used with cartridges of different heights and weights. The turntable also features exclusive high-insulation, height-adjustable feet.

Accessories Included: Dual RCA (Male) to Dual RCA (Male) Stereo Cable, 45 RPM Adapter, Removable Hinged Dust Cover. Specially designed high-insulation, height-adjustable feet keep the turntable stabilized and a power adapter keeps the AC/DC conversion outside the chassis, reducing noise in the signal chain. The adjustable VTA (vertical tracking angle) and dynamic anti-skate control ensure that the turntable can be used with cartridges of different heights and weights.

..more details and specifications can be found on the AT website.


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