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Klinger Favre

Hello , I am phil the owner of Sofa Studio, a recording studio located in the North of France,

after good and loyal service I decided to sell these wonderful speakers which are my main listening devices in the studio.
I bought from Jean Jacques Bacquet, Klinger Favre in st Dié…
the S30s are sold with the amplifier which has the particularity of having 2 built-in modules that can be modified as desired by JJ Bacquet himself.
It was also updated 2 years ago.

the monitors are in perfect condition, I had a cabinetmaker build 2 custom bases to reassemble the S30s so that the tweeters are aligned with those of my nearby monitors, they will be provided with the speakers.
size: 156x40x59
S30+amp: 13000euros


Contact seller: philrecords


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