I part with my favorite AES cable, the Bibacord. This cable, which after numerous tests had been adopted by Totaldac for its digital connections, remains the best AES cable that I have personally tried, and the best digital cable at all (not having had in my hands a spdif cable of this level). Price new is 2000€.

It is also the only one that I have kept over time, the one that has always proven to be the most coherent, balanced, subtle, rich, natural. When you have electronics working well in AES it is an essential reference in my humble opinion. I'm only parting with it because I don't think I'll be going back to an AES connection anymore because of the choices I've made lately on the source side.

The quality of manufacture with the Furutech plugs is exemplary, it is a flexible cable, easy to implement.

Another audiophile who tested superlative cables said that the Bibacord exceeded the Weiss Chiron Digital, the Blackcat TRØN Reference and was on the same level as the Gobel Lacorde Statement. However, there is still a good deal of dependence on connected electronics.


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