E.A.T. C-SHARP TURNTABLE (lower price)

EAT Euro Audio Team

Type : Turntable with tonearm C-Note and cover, without cartridge
Brand: EAT
Model: C-Sharp in piano black finish
Selling price : 2100 €
Location : France, LIÉVIN 62800
Shipping possibility : yes
Condition of the goods: mint condition
First hand : yes
New price: 4800 €
Invoice available: yes
Date, place of purchase: TecSArt (French distributor), June 2021
Warranty: yes, until June 2023
Serial number: 000XXX
Original packaging, documentation and all accessories included

Features :
– low-profile, MDF chassis housing 10 TPE elastomer cones, supporting a carbon-fibre composite top plate
– the top plate forms a highly rigid base for the C-Note arm and the inverted ceramic ball bearing
– the chassis rests on 3 height-adjustable, shock-absorbing feet and can be fitted with a transparent, non-hinged cover
– heavy platter resting on a counter-platter driven by a drive pulley and a coated and polished rubber belt
– tray is covered with a vinyl tray cover; a heavy screw-on puck is supplied; this is essential for setting up the tray
– the motor is powered by a circuit in an external box for control, electronic selection and speed control via 3 LED buttons
Speed variation: 33 rpm ± < 0.08 % or 45 rpm ± < 0.09 %
Mechanical signal-to-noise ratio: – 40 dB ,
Electrical signal-to-noise ratio: – 70 dB
– the supply box draws its power from the mains via a universal adapter
Power consumption: 8.5 W max / 0.5 W standby Supply voltage: universal 15 V and 1.6 A (continuous) for 90 to 264 V AC at 47 to 63 Hz
– the 10" C-Note arm combines the advantages of the unipivot and the gimbal principle; it allows all the necessary adjustments; the arm tube is made of damped carbon fibre with an aluminium shell.
Pressing force: 0 to 30 mN
Counterweights supplied: 5 g to 9 g (125 g) cartridges ; without additional insert; 8.5 g to 13 g (142 g) cartridges with additional insert
Effective arm mass: 16.5 g
Effective arm length: 254 mm
Overhang: 16 mm
– the analogue signal is available via a mini-DIN socket on the rear of the chassis; a 5-pins DIN-RCA modulation cable is supplied
Other C – S h a r p features
Dimensions (WxHxD): 500 x 115 x 400 mm without cover
500 x 170 x 435 mm with cover and rear connectors
Weight: 13.5 kg + 0.5 kg control box + 1.3 kg cover
Packed weight: approx. 20 kg


Contact seller: euraudio


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