LUMIN U2 MINI (with or without linear power supply)


Brand: LUMIN
Model and options: U2 MINI
Sale price: 1900€ (+400€ with Paul Hynes SR4t and home made installation kit)
Department where the goods are visible: Loiret, France
Possibility of shipping: Yes
Amount of shipping costs: according to the buyer's choice
Condition of the goods: New
First hand: yes
New price: 2500€ (new post inflation price at 2900€ arriving).
Invoice available: yes
Date, country and place of purchase: Belgium 07/2022
Warranty and expiration date: yes two years
Serial number: on request
Original packaging retained: Yes

Following the evolution of my systems, I am moving towards simplification, making me part with my Lumin U2 mini, which I acquired only a few months ago. I upgraded to an Esoteric N05XD onboard streamer on the main system, and I have a Holo dac on my second system along with its Serene preamp, which I definitely use with HQplayer which requires me to have a compatible streamer NAA upstream, HQplayer's protocol.

The Lumin U2 mini is one of the most versatile streamers on the market, with spdif rca and BNC, AES and USB outputs. It is distinguished by the native presence of Leedh Processing allowing qualitative volume control from the Lumin control applications, which gives the possibility of using all the dacs directly on power amps.

From the menus of the Lumin app, the U2mini is able to seamlessly transcode on the fly all formats up to DSD 256, and it plays natively up to DSD512, adopting the brand's latest evolution of network cards / FPGAs. , more powerful and quieter than previous models.

It is of course Roon Ready, and it can be switched to exclusive Roon mode if desired in order to gain sound quality by deactivating all the other Lumin services once properly configured. Otherwise the Lumin app remains a hassle-free choice, in Openhome mode, integrating Qobuz, Tidal and radios via its Tunein account.

The blue screen of the Lumin is readable and complete, personally it is a point that I have always found interesting on all the Lumin that I have owned (A1, M1, U1 mini then U2mini). I have never had any reliability concerns, these are stable devices, updated very very regularly both on the side of the Lumin software and the firmware of the device, a big strong point of the brand.

The only weak point of the U2mini, like its predecessor and the brand's entry-level products, is the internal use of a switching power supply, which can easily be removed to use a good external linear power supply. Sellers from all walks of life also offer themselves this type of modification from the new purchase, often with a Sbooster power supply, not for the quality of the power supply, but because Sbooster had a nose in offering a kit of adaptation to Lumin with its power supply.
My U2mini is original, has never been opened, given my evolutions in recent months, it has been used very little and I have not mounted it in a linear power supply. However, I kept the little kit I made on my U1mini, with a 4-pin XLR connector, a homemade DC cable and a Paul Hynes SR4T power supply. I can therefore give in for those who would like this complete kit for 400€ more, the SR4T power supply (4 voltages to choose from) is in perfect condition and now a collector…

Feel free to ask any question, Nicolas.


Contact seller: Nicoben45


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