Mola Mola Tambaqui Dac Streamer

Mola Mola

Type: Dac Streamer Headphone Amp
Brand: Mola-Mola
Model: Tambaqui
Selling price: 7800€
Department where the goods are visible: 45 France
Possibility of shipping: yes
Amount of shipping costs: according to the choice of the purchaser
Condition of goods: Like new
First hand: yes
New price: 11000€
Invoice available: Yes
Date, country and place of purchase: 2020 France new
Warranty & Expiration Date: Expired
Packaging: yes

Manufacturer's website, review:

Today I am selling my Mola Mola Tambaqui, one of the most highly regarded dac internationally, as evidenced by the dozens of positive reviews published about it.

It is a commercial chipless dac, with proprietary PWM conversion technology developed by Bruno Putzeys. I let you read the test benches concerning it which describe the principles. It comes out in analog on xlr outputs, being of symmetrical design. I can give anyone who wants a pair of Totaldac unbalancing transformers to go with it, which allow you to take advantage of the qualities of the Tambaqui on asymmetric equipment (avoid adapters or xlr/rca cables which are particularly bad in comparison).

It integrates all possible digital inputs, aes, spdif, optical, usb, i2s on hdmi and is roon ready via its RJ45 network input to offer the streamer function, as well as a bluetooth reception module for use with mobile devices from the family. Its digital inputs are qualitative and it is possible via the usb (and aes) input to go further if desired than the Streamer Roon part to obtain a little more hold and sound stage. But one can take great pleasure simply accompanied by a Roon server.

It also offers a quality unbalanced and balanced headphone output, a digital volume control that Bruno Putzeys has the secret of allowing with an output stage reaching 6 volts if necessary, allowing it to be used directly on power amps. This is how I currently use it on Ypsilon blocks, with a result deemed better than all the preamps tested. On a more rigorous Kinki type power amplification, I kept a preference to use my Coincident Statement tube preamp, but it is not the first preamp to come… for having exchanged with an owner of a pre/accuphase block couple who acquired the Tambaqui , which took the pre Accuphase out of the equation not without satisfaction.

The Tambaqui is up to date on the firmware side, there are regular updates from the manufacturer. An apple-type bluetooth remote control comes with it, and a tablet application provides bluetooth access to the configuration and update menu of the dac.
It travels in a very qualitative flightcase, guaranteeing flawless protection.

On the restitution side, I would simply say that I chose the Tambaqui to listen to at the time and kept it without regrets against a Metronome C8+, Maestro 3ref, Weiss 501, Totaldac d1dual, Matrix, Ayon Skylla, Vermeer, Nuprime,
The Tambaqui gave me an ample, fluid, soft sound proposal, devoid of any digital aggression, going for all the microinformation of the tracks to link them with richness, without an analytical aspect, a beautiful saturation of the tonal colors which makes us forget the notion of formats, sampling, in favor of a rich and unified, emotional, analogue restitution. We don't have all the speed of saber chips that give laser attacks, but we avoid the associated dryness, and living together is much more pleasant.

The reason for the separation could be summed up in a small desire to discover other horizons (a sentence not to speak of audiopath changite :D), with an orientation towards a little more versatility still (all my current amps are asymmetrical from design).

I think that the purchaser will not regret his common life with the Tambaqui, it is a special dac which gratifies its owner with a rendering as rich in information as liquid, giving to many tracks a relief, a life and a saturation quite pleasurable tonal colors, in a permanent listening comfort.

Listening possible and of course advise with a removal from me after payment, shipping possible safely according to your choices.

As said above, I can sell a pair of excellent Totaldac unbalancing transformers for those who would like to take full advantage of the Tambaqui on balanced and asymmetrical amplification (but I do not offer them for separate sale).
My Tambaqui is like new, I have two systems and the dac is on the one that is used the least, as much to tell you that it is not worn….

Shipping in europe after payment by bank transfer or paypal +5%.
Thanks for reading me!


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