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The Gold Note Pianosa turntable is a manual, belt-driven model entirely handcrafted in Italy. Composed of high-quality materials, the Gold Note Pianosa turntable benefits from the brand's know-how to guarantee the purest sound reproduction possible.

The Gold Note Pianosa turntable adopts a chassis with a design designed to guarantee optimal operating conditions. The curved base provides great rigidity and helps minimize vibration, while giving the Gold Note Pianosa turntable an elegant and unique look.

The base is topped with a 3 mm stainless steel sheet to increase the mass and a 20 mm thick MDF plate. This assembly is associated with three insulating feet in the form of decoupling spikes to minimize the points of contact with the surface on which the plate is placed and thus limit transmitted vibrations. Finally, the thick 23 mm platter of the Gold Note Pianosa turntable is made of polyvinyl to effectively dampen resonances and ensure optimal coupling with the records.

The 12V synchronous motor is combined with a high-end proprietary power supply designed to guarantee a stable and clean current source. Listening is thus devoid of interference and the rotation speed remains stable in all circumstances. In addition, the motor of the Gold Note Pianosa turntable benefits from high coupling to reduce vibrations. The pulley associated with the turntable motor is specially designed to reduce noise and obtain stable rotation of the platter.

RCA cable integrated in the tonearm
Dust cover with hinges
Phono cartridge not included

Belt-driven manual turntable
20mm MDF plinth with 3mm steel sheet and curved base
23mm poly vinyl platter
12V low vibration motor
33T/45T electronic switching with precision control
Wow and flutter: 0.1%
Mains supply: 100 / 115 / 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption: 20 W max
Motor: 12 Volt high torque
5mm chrome steel ball bearing with height adjustable brass seat
Handmade in Italy

Dimensions (W x H x D): 425 x 200 x 360 mm
Weight: 13.5kg
Gold Note B-5.1 9" (228mm) Straight Tonearm
Aluminum alloy tube
Excellent rigidity
Integrated anti-skate mechanism
Double adjustable counterweight
Boom raise/lower lever

Initial price: €2,990.00 – ceded €2,000.00.


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