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The latest in a long tradition of APERTURA products, EDENA is the heir to Tanagra and Tanagra signature.

Filiation yes, but also the rewriting of a myth in the light of the most modern techniques.

EDENA is a compact two-way column, two loudspeakers.

The cabinetwork takes up the profile, now well known, of the other Apertura products: Two curved sides and non-parallel front and rear faces. EDENA is equipped with a custom-made 22cm bass-midrange driver.

The “Isotactic Matrix” type membrane uses a new composite material based on woven and coated polypropylene. It is a material that combines lightness, rigidity and a good damping factor.

Qualities that we had already selected for Armonia and Onira.

This loudspeaker benefits from a powerful motorization of the “Excel” type (134mm diameter ferrite, long coil on titanium support and copper-ringed core).

Listening, EDENA imposes itself by its spontaneity and ease. We find the Apertura sound signature, with an absence of coloration, a deep and tense bass, transparency and resolution on all registers.

• Features :

• Bandwidth: 37-30,000Hz/ +-3dB

• Sensitivity: 88dB/2.83w/1m

• Impedance: 8Ω

• Load: bass-reflex Loudspeakers: 22 cm Bass-Medium, Isotactic Matrix, 8 x 60 cm ribbon tweeter

• Filter cut-off frequency: 2.8kHz Terminals: mono-wiring accepting forks and bananas

• Dimensions: 248 x 300 x 1110 mm (w x d x h), with feet: 375 x 315 x 1168 mm

• Weight: 36.5 kg net – 47 kg packed

• Colour: anthracite gray

• INITIAL PRICE: 7200€ ceded 4500€


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